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Art document 2004 錦帯橋プロジェクト




磯崎有輔  戸谷成雄  西雅秋  原田文明  村中保彦







アートドキュメント2004錦帯橋プロジェクト 参加アーティスト兼アートディレクター:原田文明

Kintai-kyo (Kintai Bridge) Project


Kintai-kyo Project had been planned to commemorate the completion of Kintai-kyo reconstruction.  Kintai-kyo is well known as the place of beauty.   Five artists, who have been very active in modern art, were chosen for the project.  The number of artists matches the number of Kintai-kyo arches.  Each artist uses materials which were part of Kintai-kyo and produces his fine art. Their art works were exhibited around the bridge or at the Kikkou Park.


We would like to introduce everyone in the nation to our reborn Kintai-kyo which spans the beautiful Nishiki River, and introduces people to our community modern art project.  We also hope our project will provide everyone the opportunity to meet many people from different cultures and make them aware of our art.


Our exhibition lasts only 5 days and when it’s over every art product will be taken down and the Kintai area will be left just the way it was.  To leave physical art is not our purpose.  We hope we are able to leave something more spiritual in people’s mind.


All the people involved enjoy taking part in this project with the five artists.  Just “to enjoy” is not a waste of time, nor is it meaningless. People who come to see our exhibition, who worked with the artists, or who volunteered to support this project, may be inspired in some way to value art in their communities.  This is what we call “Intangible Art”.


We hope our project will give everyone a chance to appreciate art in their culture and nature in their communities.  We hope our project will enrich everyone’s own culture. Our great pleasure is if our project makes you reflect on your “community”, “culture”, and “life”.


 Art director:  Bummei Harada 

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